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Growing Stronger

The Micro-Meadow is now really sprouting. We still have one or two 'bald' spots which we will be monitoring and re-seeding, but so far everything seems to be thriving.

The birds are loving their regular feeds and Robins have now become frequent visitors to the garden. Our very own cheeky squirrel, who we have named OL1Y Barker, often visits and has become quite friendly - he seems to love the Ooh's

and Ahaa's his visits cause almost as much as the nuts we feed him!

The Bug Hotel is now also firmly fixed to the fencing and is already attracting insects, so we seem to be now managing a wildlife park as well as a community centre - our visitors often ask for a tour, to see how we are getting on.

Spoiled veg which has been left over from The Bread and Butter Thing is added to our composting area each Thursday and as this is growing in volume, we are now planning on making a compost bin from wood which has been salvaged from around the estate.

Good things are happening at Barker Street Community Centre, so why not pop in, you might even meet OL1y and his chums ... he seems to have now lost his TShirt though!

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