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Hard Graft & Nasty Neighbours

The recent wet and cold weather didn't stop us from laying the foundations in preparation for our new picnic seating area in our micro-meadow. No less than four intrepid members of the gardening group braved the rotten weather to ensure that the area is ready for the new bench set to be installed in early spring.

We took delivery of the sand and paving slabs and immediately set to work!

We had a lot of soil to dig out before we could sand the selected area ready to bed the slabs into place.

These will probably need re-setting a little after the frosty weather we can expect during winter but for now, we think they certainly look the part.

Not bad for novices 'eh?

The biggest disappointment of the week was the realisation that our un-kindly neighbours at West Way Motors on St Mary's Way, had taken it upon themselves to brutally chop down loads of shrubs which would have helped protect this quiet little area of our patch from traffic noise and wind.

West Way then saw fit to throw the shrubs over into our garden and in doing so dragged 'THEIR' rusty old razor wire directly into the meadow.

We will of course make sure that this dangerous health and safety issue is removed before any of the community center's children hurt themselves on it.

We would also like to thank First Choice Homes Oldham for kindly and quickly removing the debris that was thrown onto the meadow.

So, two Neighbourhood awards this week one for FCHO and one for West Way Motors. See if you can tell which one is for who!

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