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Take a seat and a lot of hard graft!

OK, so it's far too cold for a picnic, but our long awaited bench set has finally arrived and has been installed in the far corner of the somewhat damp micro-meadow.

We have managed to secure it firmly to the paving slabs we put in, just a couple of weeks ago and hopefully it won't be going anywhere anytime soon!

Once spring has finally sprung the pathway we made which leads up to the seating area will be much clearer to see as our wildflower seeds begin to flower.

This has been a real labour of love from some amateur builders who have braved the rotten weather to ensure that all who use Barker Street Community Centre have a lovely little outdoor corner to enjoy a brew or have lunch whilst watching the critters.

Speaking of which, OL1ly and the 2 kittens have now been spoiled rotten as they have taken a liking to some very expensive chestnuts ... well it's Christmas for squirrels too isn't it?

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