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OL1y's Christmas Box

Just how intelligent is our OL1y? Well a couple of days ago he was presented with a late Christmas present, which he eventually figured out was not a minature grit bin, but his very own squirrel feeder box!

Working out how to open the lid and access all those lovely peanuts and chestnuts did take a bit of thinking about though.

He could clearly see the goodies through the perspex front, and could probably smell them too.

OL1y soon had it figured out. Just a bit of poking around and he quickly realised that a slight nose under the edge of the lid would allow him to gently lift it and he'd be able to stick his head into a greedy little squirrel's version of Cadbury World!

The Garden Team stood and watched as OL1y ran to bury his prize-every-time bounty, which he hid very close by, and were amazed by his curious nature and sheer determination.

This is one little local Barker Street resident that is a real trier!

We had gone to tidy the meadow and plant ivy along the new fencing, but OL1y and his chums once again stole the show.

The plan now is to fix his new lunchbox high up the wall, where he can use his amazing acrobatic skills to help himself to peanuts in complete safety.

One or two cats have been on the prowl and seem to becoming quite envious of our OL1y.

We'll be keeping the feeder well stocked so the weather can get as bad as it wants but he'll have a plentiful supply of his favourite food which will always be dry and ready for him to snack on.

He's certainly loving the good grub and attention and we are really enjoying watching all his amazing antics.

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