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Looking Brighter All Round

It's fast becoming time for a proper

spring clean, so we are getting

things sorted and busying ourselves doing a few jobs ready for our eagerly anticipated floral cornucopia of clour.

Our wildflowers certainly seem to be enjoying this sunny spell as you can see (Left).

We have even been bold enough to enter this years RHS Britain In Bloom North West Competition which, if nothing else, will certainly add to our increasingly steep horticultural learning curve.

We have now carefully removed, and responsibly disposed of the horrendous, rusty razor wire which our 'not-so-nice' neighbours at the Nissan Garage had seen fit to unfurl onto our meadow and we will also be adding some reed fencing cover, to protect our little plot from the unsightly view of their ever expanding forecourt.


On a happier note, the compost bin has been thouroughly turned over and given us some really rich and nutritious soil which will most certainly help our trees and shrubs thrive throughout the summer.

We're also hoping to get an outside tap installed at some point to help with the watering process. A water butt would of course be ideal, however the centre's current roof is not able to facilitate such a system.

Our planters will soon be replanted back to last years splendour and there are also murmurings amongst the group about the possibility of also installing a couple of fence planters within the yard area.

OL1ly & Co will be no doubt taking an interest in all our forthcoming activities and will, no doubt, be supervising as we go along. The Squirrel breeding season is apparently due towards the end of this month, so this years kittens should have a magnificent adventure playground on their doorstep

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