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No OF-Fence

The fence covering has now been put in place to help obscure the Nissan garage forecourt and hopefully give our climbing plants something to hold onto.

We have carefully allowed for transient hedgehogs and racing squirrels by creating gaps within the fencing so the critters can still enter and exit at will.

This small micro-meadow area has really become a lovely place in which to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon and the Eco-Group are really working hard trying to get things ready for the summer. The 'bald spots' in the meadow have now been re-seeded and the compost smells simply divine! The planters are washed and weeded and the Bug Hotel winter guests are already getting ready to check out.

Still a long way to go but the hard work is really paying dividends and the group continue to be totally committed to breathing new life into this small plot and making it an urban patch of paradise.

We will soon be installing a couple of wall planters and giving the community centre's front and fire doors a fresh lick of paint as well as our 'bobbin' tables as part of our spring cleaning fervour.

We are delighted that almost everyone who visits the centre now seem to gravitate to the outdoor area to see how the developments are going and see our 'Clerk of Works' OL1y the squirrel!

From what people are telling us, this meadow will almost certainly help centre users make the most of a safe outdoor beauty spot and benefit from a little Ecotherapy right in the centre of town - amazing really.

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