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Bobbin Along

We're really pressing on with all those essential little jobs in and around the meadow. The community centre's front door has now been painted, and really does look so much better. While we had the brushes out, we also decided to refresh an up-cycled bobbin table in the yard area. We did that in the sunshine and will have the both the fire door and second bobbin spruced up just as soon as the sun comes out again ... promise!

It seems like everything surrounding the community centre is in already in bud and starting to look really lovely. The meadow in particular seems to be thriving, especially after last weeks few day of sunshine

We intend pressure washing the yard area and cleaning up after some messy wildlife.

Catkins continue to cover our bench set and the birds and squirrels, who have entertained us throughout the winter months, just won't clean up after themselves!

Some of the group have been reading up on our planting schedule and decided that the meadow needs a few more wildflowers here and there. So we'll be sowing yet again in a few days time, and another group activity, now featuring on our spring schedule, will be the creation of some highly volatile seed-bombs. We figure that kids in particular, might like to hurl a few around the town and spread a little colour.

Speaking of chucking things around, we will be hurling some of our fragrant compost around our trees in a week or so, and hoping that they'll enjoy all the lovely organic nutrients we have so carefully stewed up for them.

(Better to get this job done well before the picnic bench becomes in full use).

We are thrilled that the electricians who have been working on the estate, have now finally removed their unsightly shipping container. This now frees up 3 parking spaces and allows much more light on our little meadow.

So that's it for this week, I'm now off to feed the meadow's inhabitants, and no doubt clear more pesky catkins!

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