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Going up the wall!

Our green wall has finally been fitted and has been expertly planted up with some lovely coloured plants. These should trail nicely and eventually obscure the green matting and give everyone a fantastic floral boost. The really great thing is that we have managed this 'amazing feat of engineering' with an increadibly small budget and not very many tools. We have used recycled materials as much as possible and will be adding more plants to fill every one of the 100 pockets very soon.

A great team effort by our Eco-Group, we even had a neighbour stop by to tell us how good it looked and she also kindly offered to donate a few bulbs for the remaining pockets.

We really do hope that everyone using the Community Centre enjoys the new look and finds the yard a peaceful place to sit and watch the bees and butterflies. The birds that now visit us are just amazing to watch, and we currently have two Collared Doves who have become regulars. We even watched Starlings and Blue Tits bathing in the Centre's guttering the other day, so maybe a designer bird bath will be our next project.

The Micro-Meadow is still adding a little more colour each and every day and enjoying a brew at the picnic bench in Tuesday's sunshine felt simply amazing. Such a lovely, quiet spot to sit and relax ... even if it was only for ten minutes between jobs.

OL1y has been busy elsewhere these last few days, but I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing some squirrel kittens running around the meadow before too long and we certainly won't be surprised to find one or two peanuts buried in the new planter pockets at some point or another!

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