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Great News

Exciting news folks - We have been successful with our bid to Oldham's amazing Green Dividend fund and have secured the monies to install a really cool solar powered self watering irrigation system for a set of vertical growing pods, not only that but also a beautiful Bee House! This brilliant system runs from a water butt and will continually water 75 plants or so using only natural energy. We are hoping to have everything in place, up and running and looking fab in time for the Britain in Bloom Competition judges on July 24th.

We would like to thank everyone involved at Oldham Council for all their continued help, advice and support throughout our Micro-Meadow project and in particular Muz and Sean who have offered us a wealth of support. Their knowledge has been invaluable and we have learned so much from them as we have gone along.

The Bee House will certainly attract solitary bees and help pollinate our meadow whilst the irrigation system and pods will disguise a rather unattractive wall and take away the back breaking watering can work we have been forced to do.

The organic nettle stew is brewing very nicely and although at the moment it is rather smelly, we are assured that our lovely poppies etc will find it very much to their taste - Uuurrrgh!

Our friendly fluffsters (the squirrels) seem to be delighting in all this human activity in 'their' garden, especially as it involves quite a lot of peanut provision. They have been entertaining us daily with their antics and have been busy putting peanuts beneathe almost everything we have so far planted!

We, for our part, have been ensuring that they have an ample supply of fresh water and fruit, especially during the warmer weather and they are really looking very healthy.

Fascinating to watch them scampering about as we smarten up their playground for them, although they are probably guilty of fly tipping an awful lot of fruit skins and nut shells.

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