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 OL1-Oldham is active

within the BGreen areas of Oldham which cover:

St Mary’s, Coldhurst, Barker Street,

Egerton Street & Burnley Street

We have regular contact with our local service partners and discuss what each offers in the area. We then help people make the best use of those services. 

Mission Statement:
OL1-Oldham - Not just another residents group! 

‘OL1-Oldham works closely with many agencies to help local residents and the wider community understand how they can get the most from public services and together

help play their part in creating a healthy, safe, proud

and flourishing community’.




What do
the group do?
  • We freely support local people who are struggling with things that affect their lives and give them useful contact details to inform them of the help they can expect from each service.


  • We talk to local services about individual and collective problems local people tell us about and ask the services to actively assist with those problems.


  • We talk to local people about how each and every one of us can help to keep our areas clean, safe, healthy and happy. We inform our communities about the BGreen Community Agreements and actively encourage others to contribute, agree, and take part.


  • We meet regularly and welcome all residents of the BGreen and OL1 postcode areas.


  • Our meetings are held at places where everyone can feel comfortable talking about things

       that concern or affect them, knowing that their concerns will be addressed.


  • We do this voluntarily, as good neighbours who are committed to caring for our community.

What is a community agreement?

A Community Agreement is an agreement designed and agreed by the residents and the providers of services in a certain area.

The service providers detail what they do, and how, where and when.


We, the residents, for our part have specific roles and responsibilities within our areas to help keep our communities clean, safe and healthy as well as being areas we can be proud to call home.

This includes helping and supporting each other.







What do the
agreements cover?
  • Keeping the area healthy and clean and reporting issues rather than just leaving them.

  • Help and advice with problems such as debt, ASB, health & wellbeing, isolation and heating etc.

  • Reporting crime in a way that is confidential.

  • Being good neighbours and promoting help for friends and family who may be finding

      it hard to cope.

Here are the BGreen Community Agreements:

You can download any of the Agreements by clicking on the buttons above

How can you get involved?

Just come to the meetings advertised on this site.

Give us your views and tell us what things you are happy or unhappy with in the area so we can share those views on your behalf.


Everyone is welcome and we need your support to make this work - Please help us in any way you can!

Please do not report any complaints or repairs you may require to this site.
You are advised to contact the service responsible for the
complaint or repair you have.
 This website is managed voluntarily by members of the OL1-Oldham Group
and does not necessarily express the views of any of it's supporting partner agencies.
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