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Getting Down & Dirty

Well you can now call me Compo! The Barker Street Micro-Meadow Crew needed a compost bin for all the fallen leaves and damaged fruit and veg left over from the Bread & Butter Thing and guess who was the only volunteer with a hammer?

What's really great about our new bin is that our lovely squirrel has been treating it as his very own supermarket.

He's tunelled into butternut squash's and extracted the seeds and seems to have a particular liking for courgettes. He's one very spoiled and classy squirrel is our OL1y!

We have 3 more fantastic things to add to our meadow, which have been most generously donated by OMBC, namely a Nesting Box, a Bat Box and an amazing Headgehog Feeding Station. We are really grateful for these contributions and will be posting pics just as soon as we get them installed.

I'm grateful as it means no more hammering and sawing for me!

Watch this space :-)

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