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Necessity, the mother of invention?

There's still been lots happening down in the Barker Street Micro-Meadow, despite the rotten weather we have had recently.

We'll soon be planting some lovely nasturtiums to our recently added hanging grow bags. They should add a splash of colour as we wait for the micro-meadow to burst into wild flower again. This year we are expecting even more poppies, with the hope of seeing some fantastic salmon pink ones.

We already have a lovely little violet which has shown her face to herald the start of the wildflower symphony. This little plant has really got us excited at the prospect of once again doing our daily rounds and reporting back on all he new arrivals.

The wall garden has also delivered a couple of crocus which were planted last year and which, unlike their poor relatives, have managed to survive the pilfering of those squirrel rascals, who pinched most of last years bulbs!

We have also 'Blue Petered' together a small, temporary poly tunnel beneath which we are propagating a few more plants which are protected from any late frosts.

We managed this creative piece of upcycled engineering by soaking some willow canes, which were a bi-product of last years Lantern Parade. We were then able to bend hem into hoops before adding a Poundland dustsheet which is held in place by strong Gaffer tape and re-cycled Christmas card pegs.

Not exactly Dragons Den innovation, but we are non the less quite chuffed that for only a quid it seems to be doing the job perfectly well.

On a more high tech level, we will soon be installing our long awaited Solar Powered, self watering planting system - watch this space!

The picnic bench set has also been thoroughly cleaned down, ready for use by garden visitors.

Unless the squirrels have started camping out in our mini poly tunnel, we should have one or two more additions to add to the garden plot. Meanwhile we'll keep watching our meadow and keep you posted as we notice new arrivals pushing through.

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