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Foxy Friends

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Our chilly pottering around the micro-meadow continues and we are formulating a plan to address each of the really great suggestions made by our friends at Britain in Bloom, to help us improve our little plot. We have already started to upcycle a small poly tunnel using the willow rods which we have carefully unpicked from the lanterns we made for the Christmas Lantern Parade. Really great when materials are re-used and we should be able to bring on a few of our own seedlings in spring time using the tunnel.

The centre now has an outside tap courtesy of First Choice Homes Oldham, and this will make life so much easier when the meadow needs regularly watering. We will also be using a water butt to collect and the natural stuff of course, but the tap will really help us reach the far corners of the meadow.

We have noticed that our Squirrels are changing colour slightly as their winter coats thicken as the temperature drops. They are all eating well and storing various nuts in and around the meadow.

The birds are, as usual, also being catered for and our lovely robin, aptly named Christopher, is a frequent visitor wearing his bright red vest. Suet and meal worm are the order of the day and as a result he is becoming really quite sociable.

We were thrilled last week to see a fox cub peeping at us through the fence as we worked. It really is astounding just how much wildlife we actually have in the town centre.

Sightings like this are just amazing and go a long way to boosting morale on a cold, damp winters day.

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