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Happy New Year from the Micro-Meadow

OL1y enjoyed a lovely Christmas Lunch and kindly christened our new picnic bench set for us ... such a refined little squirrel!

He and the two kittens, which are now so big we can hardly tell them apart, are thriving on a variety of seeds and nuts and skipping around quite happily.

The micro-meadow is looking really healthy with literally thousands of shoots, promising us a carpet of colour in the spring.

We have been reading up on just what is happening beneath the soil at Grow Wild and are really excited at the prospect of being able to eventually harvest our own wild flower seeds and share them with the local community.

We plan on growing Ivy against the bamboo fencing to further help with the litter problem, and hopefully add some shelter from the wind as we make the most of the bench set, along with OL1y & Co.

We have been careful to ensure that our feathered friends have also been well catered for over the festive period. Regular top ups of suet and mealworm have been added to their usual diet of bird seed and just as importantly, their fresh drinking water has continued to be monitored and topped up when needed.

Robins have become frequent visitors along with Bue Tits and Sparrows and we often see a beautiful pair of Collared Doves sitting in the branches of the overhanging trees.

We are really making the most of this little piece of land and enjoying every opportunity to be outside and observe all the amazing things which nature is making happen in the middle of this busy housing estate.

2019 looks like it's going to be a great year thanks to all the work put in during the summer months - come and see!

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