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The OL1y and the Ivy

Spring still seems quite a way off so we content ourselves watching the wild life and waiting for our micro-meadow to erupt into a dazzling display of floral abundance.

We have several robin families which frequently visit us and the bird nesting box is causing quite a bit of interest amongst the blue tits and also OL1y. We were lucky enough to have a chaffinch put in an apperance last week and of course our squirrels continue to get up to their usual mischief and entertain us all.

It's important to continue feeding wildlife once it has been encouraged but OL1y has been seen on occasion taking things to the extreme and getting a bit too greedy for his own good.

The nesting box seems to be the best place to sit and enjoy a peanut or two whilst keeping an eye on the rest of OL1-Oldham.

We have planted ivy against the bamboo fence covering and this hardy evergreen seems to have already taken root. It was kindly donated to us from the landlord of a local town centre hostelry and we are hoping it will quickly spread shoots along the fencing and keep our new bench set, and occupants, sheltered.

Once outside temperatures reach a reasonable level we will be spreading our lovely, rich organic compost around all the trees and shrubs, and will no doubt be providing lots of worms for the robins.

Bug Hotel is still in place and goodness knows who or what is residing in there but the bat box sadly still seems to be quite vacant.

Things will undoubtedly get very busy again in just a few weeks time and we are sure to find ourselves with a bumper crop of peanuts in summer, unless OL1y can remember exactly where he has buried the last 3,000 or so!

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