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Phew, what a week!

Well, hopefully we are now over the rotten and indecisive weather, and spring has finally sprung! We've planted some wysteria seeds against the fencing, (seeds which were kindly collected by the OL1-Oldham Health Walking Group during one of their weekly rambles).

The really great news is that the micro-meadow has finally shown us some flowers!

Admittedly, they are still just really tiny buds, but we are none the less thrilled to see this small, former overgrown patch of land finally spring into life.

We knew it would happen, and like proud parents, we have no idea what the future might hold for this, our first tiny offspring, but we will do our best to nurture this little offering of nature and help it be the first of many of colourful additions to our little resurected plot.

Speaking of parenting, our squirrel family are certainly entering into the spring fervour and are busy stocking up on supplies ready for the imminent increases to their own families. OL1y in particular has decided that Brazil Nuts are the way forward in terms of nutrition. Regardless of the expense to we poor mere humans, it's gimmee, gimmee, gimmee!

Of course a peanut will do, at a pinch,

but "Just keep the the Brazils coming nut lady!!!"

Nuttyness aside, we have also been working on our 'Green Wall'. With the approval of First Choice Homes Oldham, we have made the framework to support our planter pockets, and will be installing our 100 plants very soon.

This addition has been funded intirely by OL1-Oldham and will really help make the yard area of Barker Street Community Cente a lovely place for the many centre visitors to enjoy the summer months.

We have carefully used our small allocated budget to maximise the impact our resourses will have within our communities.

We may even plant a few herbs for people to pick and the Eco-Group certainly look forward to contributing some local BBQ's.

A lot of hard work, done by a few residents, is now really paying dividens, and although these efforts may be considered by some to be 'small scale', the heath benefits alone cannot be under estimated.

Come and see for yourself what the group are up to ... but remember that OL1y really does prefer Brazil nuts!

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