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Wooden You Know It?

Another busy session for our Eco-Group.

We have made a new wooden weather deflector strip for the community centre's front door and also given the inside of the door a fresh lick of paint.

The idea was to also paint the fire door and the remaining coffee table bobbin, but the weather was once again against us.

Our lovely weather deflector strip, which has been lovingly upcycled from junk found abandoned on the estate, will also have to wait to be fitted on a brighter day.

Our horticulturalists have been busy planting up seed plugs and getting things ready to plant up our green wall and generally cleaning up the yard area.

The plugs are now sitting pretty beneath the picnic bench and we hope to see some sprouting in a week or two when we can get the framework installed and the actual plants potted in.

The birds are fed and watered, as are the squirrels of course and OL1y has had his fill of brazil nuts for the day. The squirrels seem to have also had a feast of plums, which had been assigned to the compost bin as rejects from the Bread & Butter Project. Several of them have been found, (well munched), in and around the meadow.

We have been royaly entertained as we worked by several robins and also a ringed homing pigeon, who stops by for a cheeky snack almost every week!

The meadow is looking really healthy now and the bug hotel is thriving. All in all the Eco-Work is going great and we have also asked OL1-Oldham to buy a set of 3 recycle bins for the kitchen, so hopefully all user groups will get the message and stop throwing recyclables into the general waste bin.

Lots of laughs, brews, planting and woodwork - we all went home feeling better!

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