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Community Growing Together

Well what a difference a fortnight makes. I have just returned form my jollies to find the micro-meadow has really grown into what can only be described as a wildflower jungle! We have poppies galore, just on the verge of popping, and the bees are loving it.

A clearly defined mulched path around the meadow has now been created and our earlier 'bald spots' are begining to show healthy signs of life. The Eco-Group have certainly been kept busy and OL1y doesn't seem to have missed me at all.

The picnic bench set we installed seems to have become a bit of a favourite spot for most visitors, including the walking group who are able to enjoy a much needed packed lunch following their weekly walks.

The development of this former grot spot has also allowed one local resident to be able to plant a small rose tree called Rememberance, in memory of her late partner. This is now a place where she can easily visit, sit down, have a cup of tea and enjoy the sunny weather in a quiet area. Her contribution to the garden not only affords her a small memorial, but also helps beautify the garden further for everyones enjoyment.

Small things which really do add to growing stronger communities

- don't you think?

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