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The Little Things

It's so very much the little things which can bring a community together. Like deciding to use scraps of disgarded materials to try and tidy an area. So, although not probably deemed essential, putting a freely accessible door on what had been an open stop cock faciliity proved to be a really worthwhile project for one local resident.

The design and planning, the use of materials and need of tools was a challenge, espesially without any funding. So, it may not be much, but it really is something of an acomplishment, that one local guy went the extra mile and crafted a door which was made to fit.

OL1y is certainly busy at the moment. Her apperances are really frequent and although she continues to be able to 'find' lots of peanuts etc, water is really most important at this time of year. As such she and her family now have a swanky new water bowl, which they often meet at.

Our squirrels are certainly enjoying the micro-meadow which is now bursting into colour.

New wildflowers are opening every single day and it's really interesting trying to identify each new little bloom.

Bees and butterlies are of course attracted to these little miracles and we are delighted that our tiny meadow is providing a much needed eco-environment to support them.

Poppies are popping up (including some really lovely salmon pink ones) and we look forward to gathering their seeds later on in the year.

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