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The Birds & Bees

The wild flowers have certainly gone wild in our Micro-Meadow and mother nature is certainly doing her stuff - the blue tits have fledged, the squirrel kittens are learning from mum how to look cute enough to get a peanut or two and the bees are loving their new pollen larder.

We are still wrestling with our hanging garden trying to encourage climbing plants to actually climb. So far we have nasturtiums and sweet peas giving it a go and we hope to see them also flower before too long. The rockery type plants do seem to have settled in quite nicely and will hopefully provide a nice backdrop for our little climbers.

The fruit trees are really looking healthy in their pots and will no doubt have to be planted out before too long.

One Eco-Group member spent time last week making a sweetpea climbing frame for the garden from some bits of left over cane.

So, we are being a bit Blue Peterish perhaps but love the idea of using up waste and recycling in a considered and ecological way.

We now have plans to repurpose the pallet our picnic bench paving stones arrived on into a small planter for the outside yard.

One group member is currently exploring the possibility of brewing up a lovely stew of nettle fertiliser with which to feed our meadow and trees.

It's interesting to see how this small town centre project has really captured the imagination of local people and how, even after an afternoon's hard work, some still find time to go the extra mile by planning and researching. It's certainly proving to deliver health benefits to so many in various different ways.

Everyone who pays us a visit is amazed to see the difference the group have made and there is a real sense of pride in showing visitors around and explaining what has so far happened and what the next stage of development will be.

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